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Gala Lattice

Geometry and subtlety are the perfect mix in this collection of custom-made carpets. Gala Lattice has a very subtle striated background that interacts with a wool loop, creating an intertwined geometric figure ideal for any space. Woven with pure wool in our traditional wilton looms. This collection can be enjoyed in 6 contemporary and current colors.

Gala Lattice colors

  • gala_lattice_fossil_acabadoGala_Lattice_Fossil_Whipped_Edge_1_cm

    FOSSIL (Until end of stock)

    Sample +
  • alfombra_a_medida_gala_lattice_basaltGala_Lattice_Basalt_Whipped_Edge_1_cm

    BASALT (Until end of stock)

    Sample +
  • alfombra_a_medida_gala_lattice_graniteGala_Lattice_Granite_Whipped_Edge_1_cm

    GRANITE (Until end of stock)

    Sample +
  • alfombra_a_medida_gala_lattice_glacierGala_Lattice_Clacier_Whipped_Edge_1_cm_Whipped_Edge_1_cm

    GLACIER (Until end of stock)

    Sample +
  • alfombra_a_medida_gala_lattice_oceanGala_Lattice_Ocean_Whipped_Edge_1_cm

    OCEAN (Until end of stock)

    Sample +
  • alfombra_a_medida_gala_lattice_pumiceGala_Lattice_Pumice_Whipped_Edge_1_cm

    PUMICE (Until end of stock)

    Sample +
  • Materials and Technical Data

    Main features:

    • Woven on a wilton loom with loop surface and floatweave.
    • Composition: Wool with moth treatment.
    • Moderate commercial use with class of use 23, 33 (EN 1307).
    • BFls1 fire certification (EN 13501-1).
    • Suitable for use with underfloor heating (TOG 1.12).
    • Anti-static behavior (ISO 6356).
    • Sustainability: Complies with standards for LEED (EQC 4.3) and BREEAM certified buildings.
    Composition Wool
    Total Weight Approx. ± 2,730 g/m²
    Maximum Width Up to 4 Meters
  • Installation (as wall-to-wall carpet)
  • Care

    Main recommendations:

    • Vacuuming carpets is one of the main methods to keep them in good condition and essential to reduce the presence and accumulation of loose particles of dirt/soil. Do not use a vacuum with rotating brushes on loop structures.
    • For cleaning specific stains, do not rub the surface to remove a stain or spilled substance, as this can irreversibly deform the surface. It is also not recommended to exert excessive pressure as this can flatten the carpet.
    • Fiber shedding: All carpets made with short fibers will shed fibers. This is more pronounced during the first few months after installation. These loose fibers are easily removed by vacuuming and do not affect the performance of the carpet.
    • Download our care and maintenance manual for specific information.


  • Recommended Finishings