Carpet for projects Colortec RD

Colortec RD is our dedicated business line specialized in manufacturing custom design carpets and rugs for all types of contract projects, from hotel lobbies, hotel corridors, casinos and cinemas. Colortec RD carpets are engineered for areas where durability and design flexibility are essential. Thanks to the innovative equipment of our machinery we can create any design with a highly efficient production.

All our Colortec RD carpets are available in 400 cm width in four standard qualities ranging from 1.100 to 1.800 g/m 2 in up to 6 colors. We offer you the possibility to create any design in any colourway from just 100 sqm minimum order. This area showcases a concise selection of eye catching contemporary designs to give you creative inspiration for different environments and locations.

Environmentally friendlyMaterials

The use of eco-friendly materials is becoming an indispensable requirement for projects that seek to implement measures to improve the environmental performance of refurbishments & new buildings. In Moquetas Rols we have always supported the use of sustainable fibres for the manufacturing of our carpets and currently we offer two alternatives of premium fibres for our Colortec RD carpets and rugs:

  • Mix 80/20: It is produced using pre-dyed yarns in a mixture of 80% wool and 20% nylon. Wool is recognized as the best fibre for contract carpets and thanks to the mixture with nylon, durability is greatly increased. Additionally this mix gives the carpet a touch of luxury and comfort that has been traditionally used in hotel projects, casinos and cinemas.
  • Solution Dyed Recycled Nylon: This is a fully recycled nylon made from fishing nets collected from the oceans and offers unparalleled durability and ease of maintenance. This fibre is solution dyed- This means that the color fastness to light and to abrasive cleaning products such as bleach is infinitely superior to printed carpets, making it ideal for contract projects. It is not only environmentally friendly but also has the properties of the best nylon 6. More information on Colortec RD-SDN in the following link.