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Inspired by the iconic Prince of Wales check pattern, Victoria is Rols homage to the traditions of Scottish tartan weaving. Timeless and elegant, Victoria combines varying sizes of puppy tooth patterns to create the defined squares and stripes of a design classic. Fashioned from an authentic blend of wools in a dense loop pile, Victoria […]

The Ingrid collection is a woven collection on a traditional Wilton loom and made from a unique combination of wool and recycled nylon. Tradition and modernity are perfectly balanced with a cut and loop sequence that plays with the matte look of wool and the water effect created by the shiny nylon fibers. These rugs […]

Gala Diamond is a collection of sophisticated-looking carpets and rugs. Woven with our traditional Wilton looms, it is a made-to-measure collection of carpets with diamond reliefs, all made of Spanish wool. It is designed in Saltillo with 2 loop heights and a subtle background streak that combined offer a texture with a very elegant look. […]

Geometry and subtlety are the perfect mix in this collection of custom-made carpets. Gala Lattice has a very subtle striated background that interacts with a wool loop, creating an intertwined geometric figure ideal for any space. Woven with pure wool in our traditional wilton looms. This collection can be enjoyed in 6 contemporary and current […]

Gala is a collection of carpets made from pure Spanish natural wool, characterized by a play of textures with a labyrinth saltire. Woven on our traditional Wilton looms, it is also suitable for commercial installations. Available in 6 contemporary color combinations.

Diana is a collection of carpets that uses a classic from our brand: herringbone. Woven with natural wool on our traditional Wilton looms, it has a heavy-duty use classification making it ideal for any indoor area where it is to be used. Available in 6 contemporary colors.

Diana Greek Key is a collection of custom-made carpets with a well-defined geometric pattern. Woven with natural wool on our traditional Wilton looms, it has an intensive use classification, making it ideal for any indoor area where it is desired to be used. Available in 6 contemporary colors.

Vega has a completely random pattern of cut and loop, which creates an organic surface of lights and darks. The collection is made up of 6 models in neutral tones. In line with Rols’ environmental and sustainability principles, Vega is made with wool, our main ecological raw material, sourced from regional producers in Spain. The […]

Serena is a natural wool flatweave carpet manufactured on our traditional wilton looms with a random pattern that reinvents itself as threads are introduced into the weft, creating a subtle combination of natural colors that create intermingled stripe effects. Available in 6 contemporary and very natural shades, this collection is suitable for both residential and […]

With the Lara Uni collection, we invite you to discover the diversity of textures that can be achieved with the traditional Wilton loom. Woven in 100% pure wool, its elegant design combines cut and loop, creating a sequence of straight and refined lines that give a distinctive touch to the classic smooth style. Lara Uni […]


Noa is a collection of fine looped wool rugs that evoke a rustic style, bringing charm to any space. Available in 6 colorful shades in natural tones.

Nordica Classic is an all-around collection of classic loop flat-woven carpets made from natural wool in neutral shades such as grays and beiges. This collection is designed for both residential and demanding commercial spaces, such as hotels and offices, as it has an intensive use classification and fire certification.