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Martina is created using recycled plastic and shaped to weave a custom rug with a texture that combines cut and loop, so characteristic of traditional Wilton looms. Martina has unrivaled softness, with a watery effect reminiscent of silk or Tencel, but with far superior performance, both in durability and ease of cleaning.

For industry professionals:

Product details

  • Material information and technical data

    Main features:

    • Woven on Wilton loom with cut and loop texture
    • Main component is ECONYL®, nylon recycled from fishing nets collected from the ocean
    • Light commercial use with class of use 23, 31, (EN 1307)
    • Fire certification CFls1 (EN 13501-1)
    • Suitable for use with underfloor heating (TOG 0.76)
    • Anti-static behavior (ISO 6356)
    • Sustainability: Complies with standards for LEED-certified buildings (EQC 4.3) and BREEAM


    Composition Recycled nylon ECONYL®
    Total weight approx. Recycled nylon ECONYL®
    Maximum width Up to 4 meters
  • Care

    Main recommendations:

    • Vacuuming carpets is one of the main methods to keep them in good condition and essential for reducing the presence and accumulation of loose particles of dirt/dust. Never use a vacuum cleaner with rotating bristles on loop structures.
    • For cleaning specific stains, never rub the surface to remove a stain or spilled substance, as this can irreversibly deform the surface. It is also not recommended to exert excessive pressure as it can flatten the carpet.
    • Download our care and maintenance manual for specific information.


  • Installation (as a wall-to-wall carpet)

Collection Martina

Martina is an environmentally-friendly carpet collection created from recycled plastic sourced from fishing nets collected from the ocean. The material is shaped and woven into a custom-made carpet with a texture that combines cut and loop, characteristic of traditional Wilton looms. Thanks to the technology used in the threads, Martina has an unmatched softness, with a water effect reminiscent of silk or tencel, but with much superior durability. Available in 6 trendy colors to choose from as a carpet or rug with a matching finish.


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