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Bluechip HQ in London

Case Study 565x678 (2 y 3 columnas)

Bluechip HQ in London

The European headquarters of this BlueChip in the City of London stands out for its respectful integration with the environment and its unique focus on sustainability. The building, with an Outstanding BREEAM rating, occupies an entire block and features a distinctive structure made of sandstone and bronze fins.

Its location on an ancient Roman road is reflected in the design of the public space, including a pedestrian passage and civic squares. The interior design encourages collaboration, with a lively central space on the sixth floor and a bronze ramp that promotes connectivity.

For this project, the Nordica Classic collection with the Midnight reference was chosen for the central staircase and main corridors. This carpet is a flat-woven rustic wool fabric with an intense use rating and Bfsl1 fire-resistant certification.

  • Year of production: 2017
  • Location: London, United Kingdom
  • Rols products in the project: nordica chevron midnight