Our philosophySustainability

One of our main values since the beginning of Moquetas Rols has been to carry out a responsible manufacturing with our community, our people and the environment. That's why we firmly believe in having all the production centralized in Spain, in our factory located in Crevillent with looms powered by green energy. Of course, our carpets and rugs are woven with sustainable raw materials, mainly wool, which is our beloved raw material which we proudly continue to use in many of our collections.

In addition, in recent years we have developed carpet collections from recycled plastics as the main component, providing a life for discarded products and contributing our bit in giving back to the planet.

Sustainable and RecycledMaterials

- Recycled Nylon: This fibre comes entirely from fishing nets recovered from the ocean and other pre- and post-consumer polyamide plastic waste. We use different types depending on the collection, from very soft to the touch carpets that reflect light and create effects like silk or tencel to solution-dyed nylon that resists the most abrasive cleaning products and are ideal for contract projects.

- Recycled PET: With this fibre, which comes from recycled PET plastic bottles, we create carpets that reproduce the texture of natural fibres such as sisal or linen but have great benefits as they are suitable for indoor/outdoor use and are very easy to clean and maintain. Just one square meter of our carpets can contain over 130 recycled plastic bottles.

- Wool: Wool is the most noble and widely used natural fibre in quality carpets and rugs and is also totally renewable. Sheep are part of a natural cycle in which they consume the organic carbon stored in plants and turn it into wool. After use, wool fibres are among the most recycled in the world and are also easily biodegradable.

Local culture & KnowhowProduction chain

We firmly believe that sustainability must be integrated with our community at as many stages of production as possible and thus give a full meaning to our "Made In Spain". This is why our main suppliers, including wool, dyeing and winding, are located less than 30 km away, and in this way we also try to keep the carbon footprint associated with transport to a minimum.

Of course, and it could not be otherwise, we weave the carpets and rugs in our factory in Crevillent. The human resource is fundamental to our strategy, combining the experience and the deep knowledge of the local weavers with more than 30 years of service and with the desire to continue growing and training new generations that bet firmly on the local textile tradition.

Sustainability has been, is and will always be a sign of identity of Moquetas Rols.

Using solar powerGreen energy

With clear and sunny days, Crevillent is an optimal area to take advantage of solar energy. Since the beginning of 2019, our factory has been working with photovoltaic energy, using solar panels that we installed on the roofs of our facilities. These panels currently produce and supply enough energy to meet the energy requirements of 50% of our machinery and in this way we can avoid the emission of C02 into the atmosphere. For the rest of the energy we need, we have energy suppliers that use totally renewable sources.