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Terra Gorafe

TERRA is durability and sustainability. It has a handmade appearance and is similar to sisal or jute rugs, but with the advantage of being made from recycled PET fibers that are highly resistant to wear and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For the production of each rug in this collection, 300 to 400 plastic bottles are recycled per square meter.

Terra Gorafe colors

  • Terra_Gorafe_Oat_Cobalt_02Terra_Gorafe_Oat_Cobalt_coleccion


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  • Terra_Gorafe_Iron_Linen_02Terra_Gorafe_Iron_Linen_coleccion


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  • Terra_Gorafe_Oat_Nut_02Terra_Gorafe_Oat_Nut_coleccion


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  • Materials and Technical Data

    Main characteristics:

    • Rug made on a flat weave loom
    • Main component is PET from recycled plastic bottles
    • Use: Residencial & contract with use class 23,33 (EN 1307)
    • Fire rating certification DFls1 (EN 13501-1)
    • UV treatment incorporated in fibers allowing for indoor and outdoor use with colorfastness to light >6 (ISO 105-B02)
    • Suitable for use with underfloor heating (TOG 0.71)
    • Anti-static behavior (ISO 6356)
    • Sustainability: Complies with LEED (EQC 4.3) and BREEAM certification standards for buildings
    Composition Recycled PET (For Outdoors)
    Total Weight Approx. ± 4,200 g/m²
    Total Thickness ± 6 mm
    Maximum Width Up to 3 Meters
  • Care

    Main recommendations:

    • Vacuuming the rugs is one of the main methods to keep them in good condition and essential for reducing the presence and accumulation of loose dirt/dust particles. Do not use a vacuum with rotating brushes on looped structures.
    • For cleaning specific stains, never rub the surface to remove a stain or spilled substance, as this can deform the surface irreversibly. It is also not recommended to exert excessive pressure as this can mat down the rug.
    • Download our care and maintenance manual for specific information.