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Rug Sizing Guide

Rug Sizing Guide



The size of the room does not necessarily determine the dimensions of the rug. Above all, it is more important to consider where and how the furniture is positioned. A rug with the right dimensions can provide an atmosphere of harmony unifying the space with the different elements of the room.


Comfort & Size

To fully enjoy the comfort of walking on our carpets, it is recommended to make sure there is enough carpeting at the edges of the bed or along the sides of a hallway. This way, you can have a complete walking experience on them and make the most of their comfort.



It’s a mistake to choose solely based on appearance. Selection involves a subjective perception, but it’s also essential to understand concepts such as material properties and their suitability in different spaces. We’ll be happy to assist you in choosing the best carpet for your situation if you need it.

Our recommendations according to space

Living Room


Concept A

Living room of any size

If the budget allows and you have a large living room, the rug should be large enough for all elements to fit within its perimeter. This will create a sense of harmony throughout the room. It can also be applied in small living rooms; just remember to check the space for doors that open above the rug.


Concept B

Living room of any size

You can achieve a visual effect of enlarging a small living room by placing a rug that allows the front legs of the furniture to be positioned approximately 15 to 20 cm inside the rug. The weight of the furniture will keep the rug in place.


Concept C

Large living room

If you want to highlight the rug itself, you can place it right in the middle of the furniture with enough space on the sides. However, make sure the rug is slightly longer and wider than the furniture placed around it. In the case of a small living room, we do not recommend these proportions.




Concept A

Any bedroom size

With a width slightly larger than that of the bed. Calculate a minimum depth for the rug between 50 and 80 cm, depending on the available space at the foot of the bed. Keep in mind that a smaller rug may better suit a narrower visible edge.


Concept B

Any bedroom size

You can place two matching rugs on either side of the bed. Consider the width of any furniture pieces located around the bed when planning the arrangement. The rug can be aligned with the foot of the bed or run along the length of the bed itself. Leave a minimum width of 50 cm depending on the space available next to the bed.


Concept C

Large Bedroom

For larger bedroom spaces, we recommend that the rug extends to the edges of any furniture pieces around the bed and fits similar dimensions to the foot of the bed.


Dining Room


Concept A

Recommended for a rectangular table

The optimal size of the rug will primarily depend on the dimensions of the table. Add a minimum of 75 cm (ideally 1 meter) to each side of the table so that the chairs are always positioned on the rug when diners are seated around the table.


Concept B

Recommended for a circular table

In this case, as with the rectangular table, you should take into account the diameter of the table and add approximately 1.5 meters. At Rols, we custom-make rugs, so we will have no problem making it to the exact size you need.




Concept A

Outdoor space with table

In this case, the recommendations are the same as for the dining room; just make sure to choose rugs that are suitable for outdoor use. Add a minimum of 75 cm (ideally 1 meter) to each side of the table, so that the chairs are always positioned on the rug.


Concept B

Next to the swimming pool

If you have a pool, it’s ideal to place the rug in the same area as the sun loungers to better define the space. Our outdoor rugs are designed to withstand pool chlorine and humidity.


Concept C

Porch or terrace

“In this case, the same recommendations as for the living room would apply, so we invite you to consult the instructions in that section. Depending on the size of the terrace, a larger or smaller size may be more suitable. If the terrace is a bit longer and wider than the furniture placed around it, these proportions are recommended. However, if the living room is small, we do not recommend these proportions.


How to measure your custom rug correctly

Continuing with our size recommendations for your rug according to the space, we want to provide you with our instructions for taking measurements correctly. You’ll only need painter’s tape, a measuring tape, a pencil, and paper:

  • 1

    Mark the exact perimeter you’d like your rug to have with painter’s tape (keep in mind that it’s always better to err on the side of a few extra inches rather than it being too small).

  • 2

    Use the measuring tape and record the measurements.

  • 3

    Take the measurements again to verify that you have done it correctly.

  • 4

    Remove the painter’s tape to avoid damaging the floor with the adhesive.

  • 5

    You now have the dimensions to order your custom rug

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