We know it’s not easy to choose without seeing and touching first. That’s why we encourage you to request samples of the carpet you like:

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Carpets & rugs for hotels that exceed expectations

Stylish lounges and rooms. Quieter passageways. Warmth and energy efficiency. Comfort and coziness.


We manufacture carpets & rugs that safeguard the image of grand hotels

Comfort and a memorable experience with impeccable service. Guests are discerning and notice everything, from the first greeting to the decor. Staying with the feeling of freshness, newness, and cleanliness.

For boutique hotels and large hotel chains, renewing carpets means all that. But above all, it’s about prestige. At Rols, we adapt to your hotel to satisfy your customers with modern textile craftsmanship.


Contract features with comfortable materials

We weave modern craftsmanship using traditional methods and mechanical looms to create carpets suitable for hotel use without sacrificing comfort, softness, and durability.


Tailored Manufacturing

Extremely long hallways, salons over 100 m2, or stylish rooms. Broadloom carpets or custom-sized rugs. Whatever you envision. We customize the size, shape, and edging of the carpets, manually cut to fit your project.


Local and Sustainable Manufacturing

As a B Corp certified company, we are part of a global community of businesses that adhere to high standards of social and environmental impact.

Some hotel brands that have trusted us:


We Make it Easy for You

As worn-out as they may be, renewing the old carpets and rugs in the hotel isn’t always an obvious decision.

To avoid inconveniencing guests or having to close hotel areas for too long (and lose bookings), the interior design project needs to be quick and efficient.

There are many factors to consider in a successful interior design project. We help you get it right from the beginning.


We advise you

Features, fabric types, best uses, and optimal solutions based on different spaces.

Because a high-traffic hallway isn’t the same as a luxurious suite.


We collaborate with your team of partners

We work in advising, planning, and after-sales with the interior design and construction teams of the project.

All together to achieve the best result in the shortest time.


Straight from the factory

Personalized service, nearly permanent inventory, short production times, and fast, confirmed shipping.

All without intermediaries.


Flexible orders

You can order from just one carpet to large installations.

Custom-made for you or directly from existing collections.

Take no risks for your concept rooms.


Regulatory Compliance and Sustainability

We assist you in selecting materials to meet any requirements in insulation, wear or fire certifications.

As a B Corp company, we are part of a global community of businesses that adhere to high standards of social and environmental impact.


Guarantee of Satisfaction

4-year warranty against material or manufacturing defects.

If our carpet doesn’t meet quality expectations, we’ll replace it for a new one.

Do you want some samples?

Request samples to confirm they fit your project.

Feel free to ask.

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