We know it’s not easy to choose without seeing and touching first. That’s why we encourage you to request samples of the carpet you like:

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    Click on "request sample" on the page of the rug you like.
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    It is only 5 euros per sample.
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Rugs and carpets designed for home decor stores, aligning with current market trends

Become a Rols Carpets approved point of sale and reach customers who not only have good taste but also care about the real origin.


Modern rugs and carpets
with Spanish tradition

When Rols began in 1917, the traditional method was simply ‘the method.’ A century later, it’s ‘the resilience.’

In the face of soulless automation, at Rols, we conscientiously follow Spanish textile legacy.

And we update it with the social and environmental values of today’s clients and businesses.


Quality Weaving and Modern Design

For over 100 years, we’ve been weaving carpets with sustainable materials. With over 300 unique references across 38 collections, you’ll have an abundance of options.


Custom-sized rug service

Having an inventory of readily available products brings peace of mind. Being able to create them to measure is even better.


Local and Sustainable Manufacturing

As a B Corp certified company, we are part of a global community of businesses that adhere to high standards of social and environmental impact.

Do you want some samples?

Request samples to confirm they fit your needs.

We Make it Easy for You

Our commitment: top service and satisfied consumers


Professional discounts

Access to special discounts with trade pricing according to your profile for all our products.


Direct from factory

Personalized service, almost permanent inventory, short production lead times and fast and confirmed shipments. No more intermediaries. From our factory to your home.


Stand out as an official retail point

We refer end customers to you, list you as an official retail point on our website, and guarantee you a prominent presence in your area of influence.


Sales Materials and Tailored Advice

We will provide you with physical samples and catalogs to boost your sales, and you will have direct personalized support from the factory.


Minimum order flexibility

From single units to large installations.
You can select carpets from existing stock or customize them.

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Guarantee of Satisfaction

4-year warranty against material or manufacturing defects.

If our carpet doesn’t meet quality expectations, we’ll replace it for a new one.

Do you have any doubts? Feel free to ask.

We’ll address your queries through the form, via email, or over the phone.